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San Diego
Foodie Guide

San Diego, California is a Food Lovers paradise!

From amazing Street Food, to Artisan Beers to Michelin Star Restaurants, your taste buds will dance with the deliciousness!

Here is a list of favorites for you to check out from our beautiful

multi-national community...


Let's begin with the Beer Caryn

I'm a beer connoisseur, and a ferocious lover of good beer!  

So, indulge me as I guide you through a bit of our San Diego

craft beer industry, which in my opinion is the best in the world!  


From IPAs, Lagers, Ales, Hefeweizens, Pale Ales, and even

beer aged in Bourbon barrels you will find a wide variety

and can sample several at the same time with "Beer Flights."

Here is a brief list of some of my favorites with links to the breweries.   

Pay close attention to those who offer tasting rooms and/or amazing burgers!!

Karl Strauss  Red Trolley Ale***

(My Favorite)

Mike Hess Steel Beach Lager

Society Brewing Debutant 

Coronado Brewing Co Orange Wit & Mermaid Red

Belching BeaveMust Be The Honey!

Stone Brewing (not one of my favorites, very heavy on the IPA's, but a very popular brewery.  If you love IPA's you must try them.)

Alpine Brewing

Alesmith Brewing

Ballast Point Brewing Sculpin (only IPA that I like) California Kolsch

Pizza Port Brewing Chronic Ale & Swamis IPA(very popular IPA)

San Diego Brewing Co.

Hillcrest Brewing CoCrotch Rocket Red 

Little Miss Brewing

Mission Brewery Boss Brew Kolsch & Surf Punk Baja Lager

St. Archer Brewing Co.



What are You Are Hungry For?

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