How to dress for a photoshoot outdoors in San Diego

Updated: Feb 23

First, what do you plan to do with your gorgeous images? You do well to choose colors that compliment your interior design, and note which walls will work well with the beach and ocean colors of tan, blue and teal.

Second, choose solid colors, not prints or patterns. Solid colors are easier to coordinate with everyone too! We recommended dark blues, teal green, pinks, plum/deep purple; and corals work beautifully too.


if you prefer lighter tops or bottoms, make sure the other is dark, so you have light and dark.

Simple patterns will work, but busy floral prints, plaids and bold geometrics will pull the focus away from your faces and your surroundings.


Fit and finish: Look closely and ensure your clothing fits the body well. Oversized, loose or baggy clothes will add weight to you and will be unflattering.


Cargo shorts can come off looking sloppy and unkempt.


allow us to sum up that Portraits are about your faces, your emotions and genuine expressions. So, keeping your wardrobe colors simple helps the viewer's eyes to notice the faces first and foremost with everything else supplementary.

Tell us what you are thinking of wearing to the beach this summer, and contact us for a quote on a photoshoot in the comments!

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