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Walk The Beach at Sunset

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Listening to San Diego's crashing waves caresses the cognition into calm. After the sun goes down is a perfect opportunity to listen to the ocean's orchestra. And at night you will find space to stroll the sand or sit for a while easily as the daytime crowds are gone. After a long day of lifting equipment and shooting lots of beautiful people, Caryn and I find a healing salve to the stress that built up in our shoulders and an invitation to slow down and breath in deeply.

And to start a tradition of sunset strolling is a solid gold inheritance for the family...just ask our local clients :). So, we encourage you to take time to soak up the sunset and plant yourself near the waves for a few. You just might find it to be one of your favorite activities during your San Diego Vacation and next to getting your family beach photography checked off on your "Things to do in San Diego" list!


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