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San Diego Family photographer Summer 2023...

Updated: Jul 11

Vacation photos in San Diego mean the beach, sun and fun. But sometimes either dad or mom is left out of the picture because they're taking the picture.

Another unfortunate thing is lighting from the bright sun.

The solution to the first problem and the second is to hire a vacation photographer like Shawn and Caryn with San Diego Vacation Photography; we are experts who care about you looking your best, with everyone in the pictures and in beautiful light!

GET IT DONE NOW :) Get what done? That Family Photo for the wall and holiday cards! San Diego's Beach and Scenic backgrounds mean you will having stunning pictures. And since you're on vacation, everyone is on the same schedule!

Don't settle for snapshots and selfies. Get professional portraits and invest in photos that will look great 20 years from now. Your legacy is now. Book Shawn and Caryn today :)


Caryn: 619-344-7630

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