6 Reasons Why you need a vacation Photographer in San Diego

Updated: Mar 13

So, Your VACATION to beautiful SAN DIEGO is about to happen!

EVERYONE is gonna be together!

Plane tickets bought, outfits are chosen, lodging is reserved.


Imagine stunning photos to take home and print instead of candid selfies or stranger pics.

Here are some of the biggest benefits when you hire a vacation photographer...

1. You get to know the best spots - We live here and we will take you to the most gorgeous locations! As expert tour guides, we match your tastes up with locations that suit what you want and what you wish to see in your photos!

2. You gain an Insider's Guide on Where to Eat and What to Do of best places to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner; best beaches to visit based on activity, where the great night life is for any age, where to shop and most assuredly great places to stay.

3. Professional, Experienced Portrait Photographers deliver the most beautiful photos. Hiring a pro means you're free to enjoy the location while your photographer creates with skill, experience and state of the art professional equipment to give you print worthy, publishable results!

4. Peace of Mind - All of us have experienced pictures that we wished had turned out better. Some we may be able to print small, some not at all. Some we can post to Instagram, but several we cannot. Perhaps you've taken 300 photos to have only 10 turn out.

Rest easy and enjoy peace of mind when you have a personal vacation photographer You've seen our work, and we get to know you and put together the details so you can focus on just having fun and enjoying beautiful San Diego.

Your pictures will be sharp and clear and beautiful. And what is more, is that as your photographer, our work continues after the photoshoot with post editing to help ensure you get the best images...beautiful bokha, gorgeous colors and lovely composition.

5. Your Memories Preserved - Time, effort and money invested in your vacation and enjoying each other in the sunshine, at the beach, and among the flora and fauna of our amazing parks needs to be documented well and rewarded with preservation.

So, another valuable benefit to hiring a pro vacation photographer is the opportunity to be served with custom albums, prints and framed portraits that arrive home within days of your vacation. Preservation done by usb your photographer, saves you time and helps prevent loss of your precious memories!

For families, you know your children will never be this little again and these pictures are ones you want to be as secure and preserved as possible. These albums and prints become absolutely priceless as the years pass.

6. Everyone Is In The Picture!!

How often does someone get left out of the picture, Mom or Dad, or grandma or partner because they have to take the picture?!

Life is busy...so how many times have you tried to get a Family Portrait done?

On vacation, you are finally all together, and it is the perfect time and often the only time to gain the Portrait you've been wishing for!

Ask yourself this: One day your children will search for pictures of you! What will they find??

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